1958: The Integrated Circuit Invented
          Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation - Fairchild Silicon Transistors
          First Monolithic Silicon IC Chip 
          The First IC by Jack Kilby
 1960's -- The Infant Industry
          AAI - Series 1000 Automatic Test System
          Applied Materials - AMV CVD Reactors - A hint of what would become the cluster tool.
          DW Industries - Model 632 Vacuum Deposition System
          Electroglas - Model 131B wafer prober, pathfinder to fully automated wafer processing  
          Fairchild Instrumentation - Model 4000M IC Test System - Workhorse of the infant industry.     
          Pacific Western - The Probe II Wafer Prober by Pacific Western Systems - The First Intelligent Wafer Probe System.
          Teradyne - J259 - The first true, computer controlled, IC Test System
          Thermco - Diffusion Furnace
1970's -- Early Developments
          Accelerators Inc.- 400 Series Ion Implanters
          ADAR - Doctor, Memory Tester
          ADAR - MX-17 LSI Test System
          Applied Materials - Series 7600 Epitaxial Reactor System - The system that built the company.
          Canon - PLA 501F/FA Proximity Aligner
          Cobilt - Autofab, Inline Resist Processing System
          Electromask - 700SLR Stepper - Arguably the best stepper of its day, based on resale values.
          Fairchild Systems Technology - Sentry 400 - Possibly the 1st high speed, high pin count, LSI Test System.
          Gasonics - HiPOX System - Possibly the only successful high pressure system.
          GCA - The Mann 3600 Photo Repeater
          GCA - Mann 4800 Direct Step on Wafer System - It broke the 1 micron CD barrier.
          GCA - Wafertrac® Resist Processing System - Remember air track? It was all the rage in the days  when technocool won out
               over particle counts. Ask anyone who ever sold one, these were one of the worst tools ever sold. Yet they sold them by the
               boat load – ask anyone who sold against them.
          Intel 4004 - The World's First Microprocessor and more! A series that shows the evolution of Intel’s MPUs from the 4004 through
               the Pentium® 4
          Intel - 8008 CPU
          LFE Corporation - 501 Chrome Etch System - Not the first such system, but near the first.
          Lintott - Early Ion Implanter - One of the first commercial high current ion implanters.
          Macrodata - MD100 Test System
          MRC - Series 900 In-Line Sputtering System
          Perkin Elmer - Micralign Projection Mask Alignment System - The Intel secret weapon that turned the industry upside-down and
               revolutionized lithography. 
          Tempress - Model 216 Pyrox Reactor
          Transistor Automation - Model XY540, Automatic Wafer Probing Machine            
          Veeco - ai Model 2100 Ion Implanter
1980's -- The Cambrian Period for Equipment
          AMI - Series 2000, 2nd Op Station
          Applied Materials - AME 8100 Batch Etcher - The blockbuster that remapped the etch market.
          ASM Assembly Automation - PF530, 3rd Op Station
          ASML - PAS 2000 Wafer Stepper
          Cameca - ARW Aligner Repeater
          Canon - Model FPA141 Projection Aligner
          Cobilt - Model AF110 Brushless Scrubber
          Dage Precima - IS-4, 2nd Op Station
          Drytek - DRIE 100 Plasma Etcher
          High Voltage Engineering - Megavolt Ion Implantation Systems
          Hitachi - RA-101HL & RA501HL Wafer Stepper - Rare captively made stepper with a Minolta Lens.
          JEOL - JBX-6A Electron Beam Exposure System - A 6th gen maskless litho tool from the early 80’s.
          KLA-Tencor - KLA ADD/100 Series - The dawn of automated inspection.
          KLA-Tencor - KLA 2020 - The tool that sparked the yield management revolution.
          Micronix - MX-15 X-Ray Lithography System - The first commercial American X-ray lithography system.
          Pacific Western - Model 560 ‘COYOTE’ PECVD System
          Screen - The P210 Wet Processing System
          Tegal - Plasma Inline 700 Single Wafer Etcher - What the cutting edge of etching looked like in 1980.
          TEL - Model TMC 4400-A Wafer Prober
          Varian - 3280 Cassette-to-Cassette Sputtering System - The 3180 was the blockbuster of the early eighties. The 3280 was an
               extension of this great line that came in 1985.
          Varian - The MBE GEN II  - Molecular Beam Epitaxy
          Varian - VLS 1000 Electron Beam Lithography
          Veeco - Mix & Match Photoresist Processing
1980's -- Early Maturity
          Applied Materials - Precision 5000 CVD, The blockbuster that made cluster tool a household name (at least
              in fab households)
          ASML - PAS 2500 Series Wafer Steppers - The system that built the company.
          Genus - 1510 MeV Ion Implanter
          Genus - 8720 Tungsten CVD System - The cutting edge of tungsten deposition in the late eighties.
          IMS - Ion Beam Exposure Tool
          Karl Suss - LSX10 X-Ray Exposure Source
          LASA Industries - Prototype, The very first factory-in-a-box chip dispensing system
          Novellus - Concept One CVD Dielectric Deposition System
          Shinkawa - SWB-FA-UTC-40 Wire Bonder
          Westech - Model 372 Wafer Polisher - They had the world on a string and were sitting on a rainbow, but had no idea of what a
               customer was. The industry’s most significant marketing failure of the nineties.
1990's -- Full Maturity
          Applied Materials - The Mirra CMP System - The first CMP tool that was really ready for manufacturing.
          ASML - PAS 5500/400, Step & Scan System - See the insides of the product that built ASML’s leadership.
          ASML - Twinscan, Step & Scan Aligner
          Asyst - SMIF System
          Hampshire - Series 3500 X-Ray Lithography System
          Nikon - NSR 1755EX8A Step-and-Repeat System - An early excimer laser stepper for 0.45 micron.
          Verigy - (HP) 93000