Takeda Riken – Reliability Drives Growth

Summary : Takeda Riken, the antecedent to Advantest, built it's brand on Semiconductor ATE reliability levels not seen previously outside of Japan

Annexure :

Innovation and reliability are winning for Takeda worldwide

In addition to the engineering innovations and high reliability the industry has known to expect from Takeda Riken, product development efforts are based on sound core and leading-edge technologies as well as on a never-ending struggle for improved cost performance. The result of this system is a line of products that have earned praise for technological excellence and high reliability, not only from demanding domestic Japanese customers, but from users in more than 30 countries, including the U.S. and European countries as well. In addition to Takeda Riken's far reaching sales representative organization, covering more than ten countries, the Takeda Riken international organization includes a subsidiary in the U.S. capable of complete LSI test system services from sales to after-sales maintenance, as well as a service location in Europe. Takeda Riken stands ready to meet the challenges of VLSI development and production— with high-speed test systems available from no other source— and is actively pursuing this field worldwide, continuing to make dramatic contributions to semiconductor manufacturing, as well as to the computer manufacturer and research organization.


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