Advantest - ATE Cost-Efficiency Improvements

Summary : Advantest - Improvements in Cost-Efficiency via parallel memory IC test highlights from this 1986 Annual Report excerpt

Annexure :

Improvements in Cost-Efficiency

For years, ADVANTEST has held the world’s largest share of the memory test systems market. The company's newest and most sophisticated memory test system, the T3333, has the remarkable capability of testing up to 32 VLSI memory devices simultaneously at 30MHz. The new T3903 dynamic test handler developed at the same time as the T3333 performs the essential task of auto sorting and feeding the ICIs for testing. However, the T3903 can handle up to 16 devices simultaneously, and when two T3903s are combined with the T3333 memory test system, they double last year's processing capacity. This dramatic increase in throughput, combined with lower overhead, adds up to a substantial savings in total test costs. Because the semiconductor industry continually demands improvements in productivity and cost- effectiveness, such high-speed testing efficiency is proof of the ADVANTEST customer-oriented design philosophy.

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