Semiconductors are to the information age what engines are to the industrial age. Chips are the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, and the fractional horsepower engine rolled up into one. The Chip History Center is dedicated to preserving that history for future generations.

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Aart de Geus - HoF Aart de Geus: Founding and building the modern EDA company, re-shaping EDA industry into a customer-focused and trus ... 27 Nov 2018
Aart de Geus — All Star 2 ... The rising cost of design has been a phantom worry-wall put forth by consultants for decades. 15 Dec 2021
Ajit Manocha — HoF Ajit Manocha: Steered SEMI through its business model challenge from COVID-19 and raised its relevance as geopolitic ... 10 Dec 2020
Ajit Manocha- All Star 20 ... Ajit Manocha- All Star 2019: Visionary leader at SEMI, restructuring the trade organization traditionally serving se ... 13 Dec 2019
Alex d'Arbeloff - HoF Alex d'Arbeloff can probably lay claim to being the leader of a semiconductor equipment company longer than anyone i ... 27 Nov 2018
Ali Salehpour - All Star ... Ali Salehpour: Leadership with Applied Global Services and Display Business has driven Applied Materials 17 Dec 2018
Amy Gold - HoF | The Chip ... Amy Gold: Trusted advisor to Advantest for all U.S. matters 04 Nov 2019
Andrew Grove - HoF Andrew Grove had a career of remarkable bandwidth and contributions 27 Nov 2018
Andy Bryant - All Star 20 ... Andy Bryant: For steering Intel through a second leadership crisis in his tenure as Chairman 17 Dec 2018
Andy Bryant - HoF Andy Bryant: Operational, business and financial leadership for decades; in his multiple roles he has been a part of ... 27 Nov 2018
Arthur del Prado - HoF Arthur del Prado can lay claim to being the first to recognize the benefits of foreign investments and decentralized ... 27 Nov 2018
Arthur Zafiropoulo - HoF Arthur Zafiropoulo was the first and only American executive to turn around a lithography company 27 Nov 2018
Barry Rapozo - HoF Often said to be the wafer fab equipment industry's best salesman, Barry Rapozo won his Bob Graham Award for excelle ... 27 Nov 2018
Benjamin Loh — All Star 2 ... Assumed role as ASM International’s CEO in 2020 at the beginning of the perfect industry storm. ASMI has held its ... 14 Dec 2021
Bill Holt - HoF Bill Holt The leadership to keep Intel in the forefront of Semiconductor Technology 27 Nov 2018
Bob Huston - HoF Bob Huston (2006) was both a modern Nick DeWolf and a west coast version; he was legendary inside the test industry 27 Nov 2018
C. Scott Kulicke - HoF C. Scott Kulicke was the first to prove that a Japanese competitor could indeed be beaten with superior products 27 Nov 2018
C.C. Wei — HoF TSMC has become the keystone of the modern semiconductor industry and its separation of design and wafer fabrication ... 14 Dec 2021
Charlie Sporck - HoF Charlie Sporck perfected early manufacturing management in the semiconductor industry and drove the first off-shorin ... 27 Nov 2018
Dan Maydan - HoF Dan Maydan is the only technologist to have implemented multiple visions into successful semiconductor equipment typ ... 27 Nov 2018
Doug Lefever — All Star 2 ... Doug Lefever: During Doug’s tenure as CEO of Advantest America, the company has become a leading supplier of test te ... 09 Dec 2020
Dr. Gerald Z. Yin - All S ... Dr. Gerald Z. Yin: Vision of growing AMEC into a world-class equipment supplier has become reality as the company st ... 17 Dec 2018
Egon Putzi - HoF Egon Putzi beat all the odds to make SEZ a consistently profitable wet processing company. 27 Nov 2018
Eric Meurice - HoF Eric Meurice: We are always amazed at how a great CEO can make all the difference in the world 27 Nov 2018
F.C. Tseng - HoF F.C. Tseng - HoF: For co-creating the "foundry only" semiconductor manufacturing business model with Morris Chang 16 Dec 2019
Fusen Chen — All Star 202 ... Kulicke & Soffa (K&S) is projected to be the highest growth company in the Assembly Equipment space in 2021. 14 Dec 2021
Gary Dickerson - HoF Gary Dickerson is the man who built KLA-Tencor’s mind-share in the nineties 27 Nov 2018
Gary Dickerson — All Star ... Gary Dickerson: For laying out the environmental responsibility vision for the semiconductor capital equipment indus ... 09 Dec 2020
Gary Heerssen - HoF Gary Heerssen: Manufacturing hero with a focus on people and capital 27 Nov 2018
Gary Patton - HoF Gary Patton for decades of technology vision and leadership for IBM and now GLOBALFOUNDRIES 27 Nov 2018
Geert Follens - All Star ... Geert Follens: Promoted a clear strategy for Edwards to position itself as a strong and more sustainable industry le ... 17 Dec 2018
Gordon A. Campbell - HoF Gordon A. Campbell is the father of the fabless semiconductor industry 27 Nov 2018
Gordon Moore - HoF Gordon Moore created the business model for the entire industry with his 1965 paper describing what would later beco ... 27 Nov 2018
Hamid Zarringhalam — All ... Hamid Zarringhalam: For keeping the competitive flame in lithography by transforming Nikon’s customer relationship f ... 09 Dec 2020
Han Westendorp- All Star ... Han Westendorp- All Star 2019: Provided the steady hand to ASM International's (ASMI) marketing that guided it into ... 13 Dec 2019
Haruo Matsuno - HoF Haruo Matsuno for successfully integrating Verigy into Advantest and creating the leading ATE company with three cul ... 27 Nov 2018
Heinz Kundert — HoF Heinz Kundert: The executive investors turn to when they need to transform an introverted European company into a gl ... 10 Dec 2020
Herbert Blaschitz — HoF Herbert Blaschitz: If you are planning a fab, Herbert is the first person you call; he grew Exyte into a world leade ... 10 Dec 2020
Hitoshi Yoshida — All Sta ... During 2021 ACCRETECH Tokyo Seimitsu (TSK) is projected to be one of the highest growth companies in the Test Equipm ... 14 Dec 2021
Howard Moss - HoF Howard Moss: For opening up western frontier of semiconductor industry to America 04 Nov 2019
Irwin Jacobs - HoF Irwin Jacobs: Founder of Qualcomm, most notably Irwin conceived the smartphone and sold the concept by taping togeth ... 27 Nov 2018
James Bagley - HoF James Bagley built an infrastructure that created industry's first billion-dollar company 27 Nov 2018
James C. Morgan - HoF James C. Morgan is in a class by himself, likely ranking as the best business executive of the eighties, comparing h ... 27 Nov 2018
Jean LeMoin - HoF Jean LeMoin pioneered the concept that a PR agency is a mechanism for managing a company's image across a broad fron ... 27 Nov 2018
Jensen Huang - HoF Jensen Huang: Brought high-end GPUs to the consumer through his partnership with TSMC that would be critical to the ... 27 Nov 2018
Jerry Sanders III - HoF Jerry Sanders III: For creating the semiconductor sales model and the people-first model 04 Nov 2019
John E. Kelly III - HoF John E. Kelly III - HoF: For his visionary role in promoting deep partnering to avoid duplicative R&D costs and stee ... 13 Dec 2019
John E. Kelly III — All S ... John is no stranger after a long career of leadership at IBM. Though he retired this year, he was far from inactive. 14 Dec 2021
John Neuffer — All Star 2 ... It's times like these that industry associations are worth their weight in gold. But this is only true when the lead ... 14 Dec 2021
Jon Tompkins - HoF Jon Tompkins (1996) deftly managed the acquisition of Prometrix, in the middle of a boom, without losing key people 27 Nov 2018
Judy Davies- All Star 201 ... Judy Davies- All Star 2019: Developing and running the most innovative Corporate Communication programs among semico ... 16 Dec 2019
Julius E. Lilienfeld - Ho ... Julius E. Lilienfeld - HoF: For inventing and patenting the first FET semiconductor in 1925 25 Mar 2020
Karl Nicklaus - HoF Karl Nicklaus created one of the most longest-lived equipment companies in history 27 Nov 2018
Kate Wilson- All Star 201 ... Kate Wilson- All Star 2019: Instrumental in developing and driving Edwards' technology leadership through critical a ... 13 Dec 2019
Kazuo Ushida - HoF Kazuo Ushida has proven himself a great leader in a part of the world where being a leader is the most difficult: Ja ... 27 Nov 2018
Kazuo Ushida, Masashi Oka ... Kazuo Ushida, Masashi Oka, & Toshikazu Umatate: For executing Nikon's turnaround to deal with the shifting market re ... 04 Nov 2019
Keith Wells — All Star 20 ... Imaging with photons has always been the go-to technology for inspection and metrology because it’s faster, cheaper, ... 14 Dec 2021
Ken Levy - HoF | The Chip ... Ken Levy applied his vision of using pattern recognition as a means to dramatically improve yield, ensuring the cont ... 27 Nov 2018
Ken Schroeder - HoF Ken Schroeder focused KLA’s product line on yield management, not only ensuring KLA’s fortunes, but also making ... 27 Nov 2018
Kouichi Uehara - HoF Kouichi Uehara saved what was one of Japan’s treasures: Shinkawa 27 Nov 2018
Larry Smith- All Star 201 ... Larry Smith- All Star 2019: The heart and soul of Tokyo Electron America operations and critical for major customer ... 13 Dec 2019
Larry Sumney - HoF Larry Sumney has led the SRC since its earliest days, transforming the way that our industry relates to the Universi ... 27 Nov 2018
Lee Wai Kwong - All Star ... Lee Wai Kwong: Provided the change leadership needed to make ASM Pacific Technology the broadest Assembly and Packag ... 27 Nov 2018
Lisa Su - All Star 2019 Lisa Su - All Star 2019: Continued to lead in innovation and execution in 2019 18 Dec 2019
Lisa Su - HoF | The Chip ... Lisa Su: Her vision led AMD to be a leader with consumer-grade high-performance heterogeneous ICs 27 Nov 2018
Mark Bohr - HoF Mark Bohr has driven the industry, by scaling down circuits at the hard pace dictated by Moore’s Law 27 Nov 2018
Mark Durcan - HoF Mark Durcan: Critical to keeping America competitive in advanced memory manufacturing 27 Nov 2018
Mark Jagiela — HoF Mark Jagiela: Built Teradyne’s Semiconductor Test business into a solid base to drive expansion into adjacent manufa ... 10 Dec 2020
Mark Liu — HoF TSMC has become the keystone of the modern semiconductor industry and its separation of design and wafer fabrication ... 14 Dec 2021
Martijn Pierik - All Star ... Martijn Pierik: Rebuilt the value proposition that an industry-focused PR agency can deliver 17 Dec 2018
Martin van den Brink - Ho ... Martin van den Brink is a master of hi-tech marketing and development, competing on raw intellect and out-thinking t ... 28 Nov 2018
Martin van den Brink — Al ... Martin van den Brink: EUV is reality and extends Moore’s law down to 3nm; the world needs Hi-NA EUV nodes beyond 3nm ... 09 Dec 2020
Martin van den Brink and ... Both industry leaders have been driving the semiconductor manufacturing through EUV development. 15 Dec 2021
Michael Plisinski- All St ... Michael Plisinski- All Star 2019: The CEO who was finally able to pull off the long-evasive consolidation cycle amon ... 13 Dec 2019
Mike Allison — All Star 2 ... Continuing VAT’s successful strategy and dominating as key vacuum valve supplier to the semiconductor equipment spac ... 14 Dec 2021
Mike Bradley - HoF Mike Bradley for establishing the leading operational model for semiconductor equipment suppliers through one of the ... 28 Nov 2018
Mike Cadigan - HoF Mike Cadigan not only turned IBM around, he also built what is arguably the most influential company in the industry 28 Nov 2018
Mike Polcari - HoF Mike Polcari transformed SEMATECH from a consortium known for its focus on American interests to the global interest ... 28 Nov 2018
Mike Slessor — All Star 2 ... Has developed FormFactor from a probe card supplier into a broad-based technology company in the Test and Measuremen ... 14 Dec 2021
Mike Splinter - HoF Mike Splinter had some very big shoes to step into when he came to Applied Materials--it was the largest equipment c ... 28 Nov 2018
Morris Chang - HoF Morris Chang is the father of the semiconductor foundry industry 28 Nov 2018
Nicholas DeWolf - HoF Nicholas DeWolf - HoF: The father of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) is an industry legend 16 Dec 2019
Oreste Donzella — All Sta ... Oreste Donzella: For charting KLA’s path into new markets related to More than Moore semiconductor technologies 09 Dec 2020
Paolo Gargini - HoF Paolo Gargini is one of the best consensus builders in the chip making R&D ecosystem 28 Nov 2018
Papken Der Torossian - Ho ... Papken Der Torossian saved the step-and-scan lithography technology for America 28 Nov 2018
Pat E. Haggerty - HoF Pat E. Haggerty broke semiconductors out of old-guard electronics companies 28 Nov 2018
Patrick Lam - HoF Patrick Lam was the first to build an equipment company in Asia, outside of Japan 28 Nov 2018
Patrick Lord - All Star 2 ... Patrick Lord: Delivered substantial growth to Lam Research 17 Dec 2018
Paul Otellini - HoF Paul Otellini: His vision and strategy based on “The Four Vectors of Mobility: Performance, Battery Life, Form Fac ... 28 Nov 2018
Paul van Wijnen- All Star ... Paul van Wijnen- All Star 2019: Influential in delivering a strong strategy background for ASML in all significant l ... 13 Dec 2019
Peter Wennink - HoF Peter Wennink: Provided business acumen to get EUV program into a commercial success 04 Nov 2019
Prabu G. Raja- All Star 2 ... Prabu G. Raja- All Star 2019: Market share dominance with Applied Materials Semiconductor Products Group through Mem ... 13 Dec 2019
Randhir Thakur - HoF Randhir Thakur re-defined product development at Applied Materials 28 Nov 2018
Ray Stata - HoF Ray Stata: For creating the analog semiconductor business model 04 Nov 2019
Ray Thompson - HoF Ray Thompson showed the world that you don’t have to be in the valley to be competitive 28 Nov 2018
Richard Blickman - All St ... Richard Blickman: Transformed BE Semiconductor (BESI) into a highly operationally-flexible equipment supplier, that ... 04 Nov 2019
Richard Blickman - HoF Richard Blickman has built BE Semiconductor into a world-class assembly equipment company through a string of crafty ... 04 Nov 2019
Richard Blickman — All St ... BE Semiconductor is projected to double its business during 2021. It is one of the two major semiconductor equipment ... 14 Dec 2021
Rick Gottscho — All Star ... Rick Gottscho: For technology leadership that built Lam Research’s Etch business into the leadership position it con ... 09 Dec 2020
Rick Wallace - HoF Rick Wallace : Incredibly focused and steady leader that has made KLA-Tencor the best financially-performing Semicon ... 04 Nov 2019
Rick Wallace — All Star 2 ... Rick Wallace: It’s been just over four years since the failed merger with Lam… long enough to demonstrate Rick’s ext ... 09 Dec 2020
Robert Boehlke - HoF Robert Boehlke transformed KLA from technology leader that analysts described as “flakey” to a profitable “wel ... 04 Dec 2018
Robert Graham - HoF Robert Graham's marketing prowess was legendary 04 Dec 2018
Robert H. Dennard - HoF Robert H. Dennard - HoF: For making two of the most revolutionary contributions to the semiconductor industry 13 Dec 2019
Robert Holzel - HoF Robert Holzel (1993) brought the concepts of systems integrator manufacturing strategies to the industry, and showed ... 04 Dec 2018
Robert Noyce - HoF Robert Noyce is the true father of the IC and Silicon Valley, the original model for start-ups and serial entreprene ... 04 Dec 2018
Robin Saxby - HoF Robin Saxby: Introduced microprocessor IP licensing model which would be largely responsible for the success of the ... 04 Dec 2018
Roger Emerick - HoF Roger Emerick is unique in his ability to build a company that is a joy for its customers and a joy for its employee ... 04 Dec 2018
Ruurd Boomsma — All Star ... Ruurd Boomsma: For directing development of BESI’s leading-edge products such as the Hybrid Bonding, which has poten ... 09 Dec 2020
Sanchali Bhattacharjee & ... Sanchali Bhattacharjee & Dalia Vernikovsky - All Star 2019: For tireless efforts to raise the visibility of the role ... 16 Dec 2019
Sanjay Jha - HoF Sanjay Jha: For shepherding New York’s semiconductor research brain trust from IBM to GLOBALFOUNDRIES 04 Dec 2018
Sanjay Mehrotra — HoF Sanjay is a memory legend, from both technical and business perspectives. His foundational knowledge was built at pl ... 14 Dec 2021
Shoichiro Yoshida - HoF Shoichiro Yoshida took Nikon from being an OEM supplier to being one the world’s most respected semiconductor equi ... 04 Dec 2018
Stefano Felici, Roberto C ... Stefano Felici, Roberto Crippa, and Cristiano Crippa: For building Technoprobe, a company founded by Giuseppe Crippa ... 22 Dec 2020
Steve Newberry - HoF Steve Newberry for leadership in operations, marketing, and technology enabled Lam Research to become the undisputed ... 04 Dec 2018
Sunlin Chou - HoF Sunlin Chou took the semiconductor R&D model and turned it into a manufacturing center that systematically turns ide ... 04 Dec 2018
Terry Higashi - HoF Terry Higashi navigated TEL through the toughest times the Equipment Industry has ever seen, all the while building ... 04 Dec 2018
Tetsuo (Tom) Tsuneishi - ... Tetsuo (Tom) Tsuneishi for providing the strategic vision behind Tokyo Electron’s successful history 04 Dec 2018
Tim Archer- All Star 2019 Tim Archer— All Star 2019: For guiding Lam Research through its leadership transition in 2019, while successfully ... 20 Jan 2020
Tokuo Kubo - HoF Tokuo Kubo was the first to recognize the value of alliances and to capitalize on this 04 Dec 2018
Tom Caulfield - All Star ... Tom Caulfield: For GLOBALFOUNDRIES' strategic pivot to a differentiated strategy 04 Nov 2019
Tom Caulfield - HoF Tom Caulfield - HoF: For pruning GLOBALFOUNDRIES to profitability and repositioning it to put applications before pr ... 17 Jan 2020
Tom Sonderman — HoF Tom Sonderman: If any single person can be credited with preparing our industry for COVID-19, it has to be Tom. His ... 10 Dec 2020
Tony (Toshiki) Kawai — Al ... Tony (Toshiki) Kawai: Kawai-san's results clearly show TEL has surmounted its succession woes of the past with his l ... 10 Dec 2020
Tony (Toshiki) Kawai — Ho ... Great leaders go long and make big bets on a brighter future. That’s what Tony did 5 years ago when TEL launched a b ... 14 Dec 2021
Toshio Maruyama - HoF Toshio Maruyama transformed Advantest from the local, domestically focused ATE and instrumentation supplier, Takeda ... 04 Dec 2018
Wally Rhines — HoF Wally Rhines: Wally is an industry legend, having climbed the ladder to run TI’s semiconductor and data systems grou ... 10 Dec 2020
Walt Mathews - HoF Walt Mathews, more than any other individual, was responsible for giving the semiconductor equipment industry its ow ... 04 Dec 2018
Winfried Kaiser - HoF Winfried Kaiser is the perfect example of a technical marketing master 04 Dec 2018
Yasuo Naruke - HoF Yasuo Naruke: For maintaining NAND memory market competitiveness by ensuring successful creation of the independent ... 04 Nov 2019
Yoshiaki Yoshida - All St ... Yoshiaki Yoshida - All Star 2018: Created a vision for adding customer value in the evolving semiconductor value cha ... 17 Dec 2018
Yoshiaki Yoshida — All St ... During 2021 Advantest is projected to be one of the highest growth companies in the Automated Test Equipment space. 14 Dec 2021

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