about TechInsights' Semiconductor Industry All Stars and Hall of Fame

TechInsights has published a list of the year's All Stars and new inductees to the Semiconductor Industry Hall of Fame since 1993. This part of the website is a compilation of executives have made the industry what it is today. Of course, they will tell you they are parts of bigger teams who really made it possible. It's true, but these people have taken the point, making them the most visible for either adulation or the well placed sniper's bullet. In doing so, they led the industry and their companies forward, to which we can all be thankful.

The All Stars and new Hall of Famers are selected by TechInsights' analysts. each December. All Star selections are based on those executives who made notable contributions during that year. The Hall of Fame is a celebration of those executives who have made systematic contributions to the semiconductor industry. These include accomplishments that have advanced Customers, Technology, Moore's Law, and Business Fundamentals. Without them, our industry would be much smaller today and would have had a much smaller impact on everyone's lives around the globe. This is the basis on which new individuals or teams are selected to be inducted each year. Initially limited to chip making, the Hall of Fame was opened up to contributors outside manufacturing in 2016. Please bear with us while we catch up with executives of historical interest. Below is a copy of the latest presentation:

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