Semiconductors are to the information age what engines are to the industrial age. Chips are the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, and the fractional horsepower engine rolled up into one. The Chip History Center is dedicated to preserving that history for future generations.

Title Summary Relevant date Last updated
A Brief History of Electr ... 200 years of deposition technology 28 Aug 2017
A History Timeline of Aut ... A special presentation of The Chip History Center on History Timeline of Automatic Test Equipment 15 Jun 2006 29 Aug 2017
  Bill Tobey on Bringing th ... Bill Tobey interview on his conceptualizing the wafer stepper in the late 1970s 06 Dec 2006 31 Jul 2017
Bunny Suit History in Sem ... In 1968, standard clean room practices were lax. Facilities were kept reasonably clean, but employ ... 24 May 2018 24 May 2018
CEOs must make on-the-spo ... Advantest, JSR, and TEL: Why they were so successful when so many others failed. 19 Jan 2021
  Dave Markle: Ultratech/Pe ... Dave Markle, Senior Vice President & Chief Technical Officer at Ultratech, describes what math and ... 22 Oct 2019
Develop products on needs ... Then, wants and features will drop out. Don’t confuse the two. A need can be identified becaus ... 08 Jan 2021
Elephants can innovate Does real innovation only occur in small companies? Not true: here are some big companies that hav ... 19 Jan 2021
Excellence: How Japanâ ... How some Japanese companies thrived in spite of the many challenges of the lost decades. 01 Jun 1995 26 Oct 2018
  Gary Patton: What Math & ... Gary Patton never knew he wanted to be a scientist when he was a kid. 22 Oct 2019
HOW A CHIP IS MADE How We Do It . . . 01 Aug 2017
How a semiconductor wafer ... It Really Does Start With Sand . . . This series of images show how silicon wafers are made from s ... 29 Aug 2017
How Japan Lost its Semico ... The 5 strategic causes behind the long-term failure of Japan’s Semiconductor industry are c ... 25 Jul 1992 28 Oct 2019
How KLA has keeps moving ... Few companies have accelerated the industry as much as KLA has. 24 May 2019 24 May 2019
HOW THE TRANSISTOR WORKS Microprocessors are essential to many of the products we use every day such as televisions, cars, ... 30 Jun 2017
HOW TO BUILD A DINOSAUR Dr. Jack Horner, “The Dinosaur Guy,” describes the biological challenges in building a ... 30 Jun 2017
Images in Semiconductor H ... Key events drawn from archived documents in VLSI's library. These documents have been carefully se ... 16 Jun 2008 09 Aug 2019
Introduction to Maxims of ... How to thrive in the extreme sport of business: These maxims compile much of the wisdom G Dan Hutc ... 28 Dec 2020
It’s always about bad o ... Every corporate problem is ultimately a management or leadership issue. If it isn’t, a company ... 19 Jan 2021
JUST HOW DEEP DO CHIP VIA ... Semiconductor engineers must figure out how to etch deep and very narrow trenches. Etching is like ... 29 Aug 2017
  KULICKE & SOFFA: WIRE BON ... Ever wonder how the nanochips you see in pictures wind up covered in plastic on a printed circuit ... 15 Jun 2006 22 Aug 2017
Lithography tool and comp ... One has to look way back to find a lithography tool transition as major as the move to EUV. Few pe ... 31 Mar 2016 28 Jun 2019
  Math, Science, & our Coun ... Charlie Sporck explains why Math and Science are important for the economy and the society as a wh ... 07 Nov 2007 22 Oct 2019
  Math, Science, & Your Fut ... Sound Boring? Hear how very successful people have used Math & Science to make their lives wild, f ... 27 Apr 2006 31 Jul 2017
Memory Gluts: Will the DR ... TTID: This Time it’s Different or Time-to-Imminent-Disaster? 20 Aug 2018
  Minds & Machines: Do You ... Making chips is about driving machines better than a Formula 1 to their limit. 22 Oct 2019
Monetization - The first ... When does the innovation clock start: With the idea, with the first paper, with the first alpha to ... 28 Dec 2020
Moore's Law 101: The Math ... Moore’s Law has morphed into many things over its life. But what is it … Really! Her ... 19 Apr 1965 02 Oct 2017
Moore's Law and the race ... How the continuation of Moore’s law provides a foundation for future economic growth; how i ... 15 Nov 2006 02 Oct 2017
Moore’s Law GDP Va ... How the Moore’s Law raises income in relationship to the economies of the United States and ... 13 Feb 2015 21 Oct 2019
Price – It’s not the ... It is a common error to think that price is the first decision point for a buyer. Now in a B2C ‘ ... 08 Jan 2021
Risk versus Uncertainty i ... Risk is when an outcome’s probability is known. Uncertainty is when an outcome’s probability ... 08 Jan 2021
Rubylith mask-making econ ... Ever wonder what economic impact mask technology innovation has had? Any idea of how long it would ... 07 Dec 2018 24 May 2019
Silicon Valley’s W ... Silicon Valley's Upstarts versus the World 26 Oct 2018
The DRAM crash of 2008 How the 2007-2008 financial crisis that led to the great recession ignited a crash in semiconducto ... 02 Jan 2008 10 Aug 2018
The lady bug and the micr ... This is a children's story about Little Lil the ladybug and her journey across a silicon wafer and ... 23 May 2019
  Using Math & Science and ... Per-Ove Hansson on using Math & Science and getting paid good money to see the world. 22 Oct 2019
  What Math & Science Can D ... Mike Polcari, CEO of SEMATECH, describes how he built a career in math and science, what it” ... 31 Aug 2017
  What Math & Science Have ... Debbora Ahlgren describes what math and science have done for her. Find out why she never gave up ... 01 Jan 2011 22 Oct 2019
  What Math & Science Have ... Lisa Su, VP of IBM's Semiconductor Research & Development Center, describes what math and science ... 28 Aug 2017
  What Math & Science Have ... Mark Bohr, Intel Senior Fellow, describes what math and science have done for him. Find out why th ... 22 Oct 2019
WHAT'S A BUNNY SUIT? Find out what it's like to be working in the clean room. 22 Aug 2017
What's ALD? A children's ... Did you know that the chip makers routinely make films one atom at a time? It's called Atomic Laye ... 29 Aug 2017
Winners take ownership of ... No one ever fixed a problem that wasn’t theirs. Problems are opportunities, so blaming others l ... 28 Dec 2020
  Yan Borodovsky: Breaking ... Ever wonder how innovation really happens? Think it's someone sitting back and dreaming up an idea ... 13 Sep 2007 22 Oct 2019

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