VLSI's Chip Making Industry Hall of Fame

Legendary executives from the semiconductor industry discuss its history and what they learned along the way.

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Aart de Geus: Date Duration
Aart on the History of EDA 08 Nov 2006 32m05s

Alex d'Arbeloff: Date Duration
Alex on Teradyne's Early Days 23 May 2006 14m40s
Alex on Building a Giant 01 Jun 2006 14m40s
Alex on Lessons Learned 07 Jun 2006 22m21s

Andy Grove: Date Duration
Andy on the development of R & D and Manufacturing Strategy at Intel 15 Jun 2004 41m54s
Andy on the Evolution of Semiconductor Manufacturing 22 Mar 2005 21m46s

Aubrey (Bill) Tobey: Date Duration
Bill on the history of the Stepper 13 Dec 2006 4m25s
Bill on his Bob Graham Award and Lessons Learned 06 Dec 2006 5m10s

Bob Graham and the SME Award Date Duration
SEMI's Sales & Marketing Excellence Award - inspired by Bob Graham 29 Nov 2004 5m34s

Charlie Sporck: Date Duration
Fairchild & Chip Making 10 Oct 2007 14m53s
Going Off-Shore 17 Oct 2007 5m59s
Taking on the World 24 Oct 2007 7m55s
Lessons Learned 31 Oct 2007 3m42s

Craig Barrett: Date Duration
Math, Science, & Your Future 27 Apr 2006 3m04s
Craig on how Intel Rebuilt Manufacturing in the mid-80’s 04 May 2006 20m42s
American Competitiveness 10 May 2006 8m36s

Dan Maydan: Date Duration
On the 20th Anniversary of Precision 5000 30 Nov 2007 35m53s
The Early Days of Applied Materials 29 Nov 2005 20m13s
Building Applied Materials into a Multi-Product Company 01 Dec 2005 4m09s
Lessons Learned at Applied Materials 12 Dec 2005 18m26s

Dave Markle: Date Duration
Ultratech/Perkin Elmer - The Development of the Projection Aligner 16 Aug 2007 26m33s

Gary Heerssen: Date Duration
Remembering a Manufacturing Hero 13 Jun 2007 PDF

Jim Bowen: Date Duration
Eaton’s Semiconductor Equipment Foray, a case study 25 Oct 2006 20m441s

Jim Bowen: Date Duration
The Turn Around at Fairchild Test Systems Group 05 Jan 2006 10m42s
Building Fairchild Test Systems Group into a Global Giant 12 Jan 2006 24m12s
Lessons Learned at Fairchild Test Systems Group 18 Jan 2006 16m25s

Jim Morgan: Date Duration
Bringing Focus to AMAT 07 Mar 2006 15m01s
Building a Global Position 16 Mar 2006 24m53s
Keys to Success 23 Mar 2006 29m01s

John Bardeen: Date Duration
Transistor Physics 25 Apr 2007 PDF

Martin van den Brink: Date Duration
The Rise of ASML 26 Jul 2006 20m38s

Mihir Parikh: Date Duration
Mihir on the History of Automation in the Semiconductor Industry 13 Aug 2008 19m15s
Lessons Learned 21 Aug 2008 7m21s

Nicholas DeWolf: Date Duration
The Father of ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) 04 May 2006 HTML

Peter Rose: Date Duration
Father of Ion Implantation 29 Nov 2004 42m02s

Robert N. Noyce: Date Duration
Reflections on the Wisdom and Vision of Bob Noyce 13 Apr 2006 1m00s
Dr. Leslie Berlin on her Biography of Bob Noyce - Segment 1 20 Jun 2007 45m08s
Dr. Leslie Berlin on her Biography of Bob Noyce - Segment 2 27 Jun 2007 4m29s
Legends, Circa 1990 - Remembering Robert Noyce 11 Jun 2008 HTML

Sunlin Chou: Date Duration
Intel's R&D Pipeline 05 Oct 2004 23m19s

Wilf Corrigan: Date Duration
How the SIA Got Started and What it Accomplished 16 May 2007 21m50s
The Development of the ASIC Industry 24 May 2007 22m35s
The Lessons He Learned and Why Fundamentals are Important 30 May 2007 11m41s