VLSI's Chip Making Industry Hall of Fame
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  Date Duration

  Aart de Geus:

  The History of EDA 08 Nov 2006 32m05s

  Alex d'Arbeloff:

  Teradyne's Early Days 23 May 2006 14m40s
Building a Giant 01 Jun 2006 14m40s
Lessons Learned 07 Jun 2006 22m21s

  Andy Grove:

  The Development of R & D and Manufacturing Strategy at Intel 15 Jun 2004 41m54s
The Evolution of Semiconductor Manufacturing 22 Mar 2005 21m46s

  Aubrey (Bill) Tobey:

  The Bob Graham Award 06 Dec 2006 5m10s
History of the Stepper 13 Dec 2006 14m25s
  Bob Graham Award

29 Nov 2004



  Charlie Sporck:

  Fairchild & Chip Making 10 Oct 2007 14m53s
Going Off-Shore 17 Oct 2007 5m59s
Taking on the World 24 Oct 2007 17m55s
Lessons Learned 31 Oct 2007 3m42s

  Craig Barrett:

  Math, Science, & Your Future 27 Apr 2006 3m04s
How Intel Rebuilt Manufacturing in the mid-80’s 04 May 2006 20m42s
American Competitiveness 10 May 2006 18m36s

  Dan Maydan:

  On the 20th Anniversary of Precision 5000 30 Nov 2007 35m53s
The Early Days of Applied Materials 29 Nov 2005 20m13s
Building Applied Materials into a Multi-Product Company 01 Dec 2005 14m09s
Lessons Learned at Applied Materials 12 Dec 2005 18m26s

  Dave Markle:

   Ultratech/Perkin Elmer - The Development of the Projection
16 Aug 2007 26m33s

  Gary Heerssen:

  Remembering a Manufacturing Hero 13 Jun 2007 PDF

  Jim Bowen:

  Eaton’s Semiconductor Equipment Foray, a case study 25 Oct 2006 20m441s

  Jim Bowen:

  The Turn Around at Fairchild Test Systems Group 05 Jan 2006 10m42s
Building Fairchild Test Systems Group into a Global Giant 12 Jan 2006 24m12s
Lessons Learned at Fairchild Test Systems Group 18 Jan 2006 16m25s

  Jim Morgan:

  Bringing Focus to AMAT 07 Mar 2006 15m01s
Building a Global Position 16 Mar 2006 24m53s
Keys to Success 23 Mar 2006 29m01s

   John Bardeen:

   Transistor Physics 25 Apr 2007 PDF

  Martin van den Brink:

The Rise of ASML 26 Jul 2006 20m38s

  Mihir Parikh:

  The History of Automation in the Semiconductor Industry 13 Aug 2008 19m15s
Lessons Learned 21 Aug 2008 7m21s

  Nicholas DeWolf:

  The Father of ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) 04 May 2006 HTML

  Peter Rose:

  Father of Ion Implantation 29 Nov 2004 42m02s

  Robert N. Noyce:

  Reflections of his Wisdom and Vision  13 Apr 2006 1m00s

 Dr. Leslie Berlin Revisits her Landmark Book on Robert Noyce and the Invention of Silicon Valley

Segment 1 20 Jun 2007 45m08s
Segment 2 27 Jun 2007 4m29s
 Legends, Circa 1990 - Remembering Robert Noyce 11 Jun 2008 HTML

  Sunlin Chou:

  Intel's R&D Pipeline 05 Oct 2004 23m19s

  Wilf Corrigan:

  How the SIA Got Started and What it Accomplished 16 May 2007 21m50s
24 May 2007 22m35s
The Lessons He Learned and Why Fundamentals are Important 30 May 2007 11m41s