How KLA-Tencor Meets Stringent Process Control Requirements

Summary : Ken Schroeder, then President & CEO of KLA-Tencor, discusses the history of process control and the role K-T played in improving wafer fab yields for semiconductor companies in this 2005 video.
Annexure :

K-T's Puma tool dark-field wafer inspection was introduced for the first time in this video. The Puma would go on to be one of the most popular wafer fab tools ever introduced. The 2800 broadband bright-field system was also introduced. Topics covered include: The importance of staying on Moore’s Law in semiconductors and how process control. How Intel and Samsung interleave technology and cost to be leaders in their field with process control and inspection. How K-T’s tool drive wafer fab yields and extend optical lithography tools. He describes the new wafer inspection tools they introduced that year: The Puma dark-field tool and the 2800 bright-field system.

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