How the SIA Got Started

Summary : How the SIA got started is an video interview with the legendary Wilf Corrigan who was there when this soon-to-be-great organization got started.
Annexure :

Wilf Corrigan played a major role in sculpting the modern semiconductor industry. He has been a cornerstone in its development and is arguably one of its most influential founders. In this segment, Wilf offers the firsthand account of someone who was literally at table for the founding of the Semiconductor Industry Association. Find out why it got started, how it got started, what they hoped to accomplish, and what they did accomplish. Here you had a group of super-competitive entrepreneurs going to Washington for help against unfair trade practices. Did they ask for a handout like most industry's? No! Find out the SIA unique approach to the problem and how it was instrumental in keeping America's semiconductor industry competitive.

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