Alex d'Arbeloff on Teradyne's Rise

Summary : Alex describes the second phase of Teradyne history and how they built the company into an industry giant.
Annexure :

Building a Giant

As Teradyne was going public, its co-founder and top technical talent, Nick DeWolf was becoming restless. He would soon leave, giving Alex d'Arbeloff, co-founder of Teradyne, the reigns. In this second installment of the d'Arbeloff series, Alex describes how he - and Teradyne - learned to innovate as a growing organization. He highlights the pain of an organization moving outside its core expertise for the first time - in this case testing diodes and transistors. Alex has found that big organizations kill innovation. He tells why and how leadership can overcome this fundamental flaw. In his discussion of Teradyne's blockbuster A500, he shows why the attitude of the CEO and an open environment with good people is so important.

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