The invention of the IC, an Interview with T. Lee

Summary : The History of the invention of the Integrated Circuit. Why it wasn't so predictable. Corporate culture played no small part in influencing how a small west coast start-up named Fairchild and a company that made instruments for oil fields, name Texas Inst
Annexure :

If you look at the record, it would seem that the integrated circuit (IC) and Moore's law were imminently predictable and happened in lockstep fashion after IC's invention. Find out why the history has been unpredictable, as generations of doomsayers have erroneously predicted the imminent repeal of Moore's Law. Also explore how the history of semiconductors actually starts early in the twentieth century; how the vacuum tube actually set back the invention of solid state circuits; why Bell Labs did not invent the transistor, they discovered it; who really did the work; how the IC was conceived long before it was invented; and unwind the puzzle of why two people became recognized for the invention of the IC.

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