Equipment Suppliers - 1990 Edition

Summary : This section examines the vendors who supply semiconductor manufacturing equip­ment. There are approximately 534 of them. The top five are shown below in Figure 2.0.0-1. In 1989, these five com­panies held a 26.4% share of the semicon­ductor equipment market. The market share for the top five equipment suppliers was virtually unchanged over the 1988 figure, 26.3%. Japan-based firms hold four of the top five position in 1989, as com­pared to only three in 1988. These are: Tokyo Electron Ltd., Nik ... See More

Annexure :

There are approximately 534 firms that engage in the more than 149 markets for Semiconductor equipment. These compan­ies serve more than 500 semiconductor manufacturers and compete for a share of a nearly ten billion dollar semiconductor equipment market that is annually sold to a seventy-eight billion dollar semiconductor industry. Rapid growth and sharp business cycles (see Figure 2.-1.0-1) have been the key drivers of a tumultuous competitive environment. This section characterizes the competitors and illustrates how they con­tend with the market characteristics. 

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