SEMATECH - An Oral History

Summary : An interview with Dave Anderson
Annexure :

SEMATECH started as a 50:50 joint venture between the U.S. Government and the Chip Making Industry. The government has long since dropped out and today this organization goes it alone. A consortium that doesn’t need government subsidies to survive is a rare find. This is a true testament to the high value industry puts in this organization. This video examines why. Today, Dave Anderson is General Manager of SEMATECH’s ATDF. He had been at SEMATECH for 25 years at this taping. In this video, Dave talks about how SEMATECH evolved from an experiment to the multi-dimensional consortium it is today. It starts with a quick overview of the history and then goes into the details of its early days, when it acted as a catalyst to turn America’s chip making industry around, then went on to help foster 300mm, and today works to control the escalation of R&D costs for following Moore’s Law.

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