International Standards and their Importance

Summary : A conversation with Robert N. Noyce and Karel Urbanek
Annexure :

In this 1990 video, Bob Noyce (left) and Karel Urbanek (right) discuss the importance of industry standards and their effect on the semiconductor equipment industry. Produced by SEMI as a vehicle to gain support for its standards setting body, many of the points made by these two legends are still valid today and for any industry. The video provides rare footage of both these industry giants, giving a glimpse into who they were. Bob Noyce, arguably the founder of Silicon Valley, was a founder of Intel and SEMATECH, as well as a seed investor of AMD, and the inventor of the Integrated Circuit architecture that built the industry. At the time of this video, he was the head of SEMATECH. Karel Urbanek was a founder of Tencor Instruments in 1976, which merged with KLA after his untimely death in 1991. Karel was one of the cornerstones of the modern equipment industry. The video also provides footage of typical chip production activities during the eighties.

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