Intel 4004

Summary : The World's First Microprocessor and more! A series that shows the evolution of Intel’s MPUs from the 4004 through the Pentium® 4

On November 15, 1971 Intel introduced the 4004 Microprocessor. It has been claimed as the world’s first microprocessor. Originally it was designed to power the Busicom calculator. 4004 was unbelievably fast for its time with a clock speed of 400 kHz. Today Intel’s microprocessor clock speeds are in the multi-GHz range.

4004 took the integrated electronics (Intel) one step further by integrating CPU, memory and I/O controls into a single chip. This provided the technological foundation of Intel as we know the company today.

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  • Key Contributors: Federico Faggin, Ted Hoff, and Stan Mazor.
  • No discernable Copyright. Reproduced with the verbal and implied permission.

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