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Key events drawn from archived documents in VLSI’s library. These documents have been carefully selected for their historical significance. They show history in the making as seen through the eyes of the most astute authors and finest publications ever to cover the semiconductor industry. Scanned from original clippings, you can see what was happening at the time, along with current comments as to their relevance by The Chip History Center’s docents

Deja vu, Circa 1977 – Maskless Lithography: a recurring dream
Deja vu, Circa 1978 – Equipment Is Going to Get Expensive
Deja vu, Circa 1978 – The Silicon Cycle - Here We Go Again
Deja vu, Circa 1979 – Maturing Chip Industry: a recurring theme
Deja vu, Circa 1979 – More Will Be Spent on Test Than on Fab; The Factory of The Future
Deja vu, Circa 1979 – Poor Margins and Capital Costs: a recurring complaint
Deja vu, Circa 1979 – The Golden Age of Electronics
Deja vu, Circa 1980 – Consolidation: small suppliers can't cut it
Deja vu, Circa 1980 – Partnering: a recurring call of the sirens
Geopolitics, Circa 1979 – Europe Launches its Own Industrial Policy
Geopolitics, Circa 1979 – Japan's Equipment Industry Breaks into the Valley
Geopolitics, Circa 1979 – The Koreans are Coming . . .
Geopolitics, Circa 1979 – Trade War Erupts as the 70's Come to Close
Geopolitics, Circa 1980 – Japan's Equipment Industry: the eagle awakens
Geopolitics, Circa 1990 – Foundry Motivations
Geopolitics, Circa 1990 – IBM Goes to China
Legends, Circa 1986 – Kenneth Levy: The Pragmatist of KLA
Legends, Circa 1990 – Remembering Robert Noyce
Merger Mania, Circa 1979 – Poor Margins and Capital Costs: a recurring complaint
Scorecard, Circa 1978 – Top 10 Chip Makers
Scorecard, Circa 1979 – Market Research Was an Imprecise Business Then
Technology, Circa 1976 – What Masks were Like Before EDA
Technology, Circa 1977 – Thanks for the Memories
Technology, Circa 1978 – E-Beam Breaks into Mask Making
Technology, Circa 1978 – IBM Astounds the World with its DRAMs
Technology, Circa 1978 – IBM Breaks the 1-Micron Barrier
Technology, Circa 1978 – IBM Breaks the 100K Transistor Barrier in Manufacturing
Technology, Circa 1979 – Motorola Ready to Make First 64K DRAMs
Technology, Circa 1979 – The Dawn of a New Manufacturing Age: VLSI
Technology, Circa 1978 – TAB Wanes as VLSI Emerges
Technology, Circa 1980 – The Search for a Gold Wire Replacement
Technology, Circa 1981 – KLA Conquers the Pellicle
Technology, Circa 1981 – KLA Lays out the Future of Yield Management
Technology, Circa 1991 – KLA Conquers Phase Shift
Time Machine, Circa 1978 – Silicon Valley: when real men had fabs
Time Machine, Circa 1979 – SEMICON West: the annual nerd bird migration

Deja vu, Circa 1978 - The Silicon Cycle - Here We Go Again
Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on: 06/30/08 02:11:48 PM

An amazing set of quotations--a true "Who's who" of the equipment industry in the late 1970s. Also interesting is the "Who isn't who" anymore and the "Who wasn't who" then. Who isn't who includes cited companies such as Cobilt, Kasper, Perkin Elmer, GCA and MTI? All gone. So too ETEC and ADE by acquisition.
Who wasn't who missed the current stars in the equipment universe. Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron did exist in the late 1970s but drew no mention in the article. Novellus, KLA-Tencor, ASML and Lam either did not exist or had yet to develop a revenue stream at the time of this article.
I'm personally glad to see that one company continues to be an industry touchstone: K&S continues to roll along.