Robert N. Noyce: Early Career

Summary : Bob Noyce's early career is probably best known for inventing the IC. But it was also at this time where he would develop innovative management styles that would become the cornerstone of Silicon Valley. These management styles were based on what he learn

Annexure :

Armed with a Ph.D. in physics from MIT, Bob Noyce started his career doing transistor research at Philco in Philadelphia in 1953. Three years later, he accepted an offer from William Shockley, one of the inventors of the transistor, to move to California to work at start-up Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory. Noyce  left Shockley Semiconductor in 1957 and founded Fairchild Semiconductor with eight others, where he would invent the Integrated Circuit based on the planar process, which is the core technology all ICs are based on.

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