The Mann 3600 Photo Repeater by GCA Corporation

The Mann 3600 Photo Repeater by GCA Corporation

Here is the Mann and the man that together started two revolutions in the semiconductor capital equipment industry.

The GCA Mann 3600 Photo Repeater first created a sensation in the photo mask making business with its fine line capability and automated exposure in its own environmental chamber.

GCA executive A. C. (Bill) Tobey later recognized how easily it might be transformed into a wafer stepper, and how much that might improve mask alignment. He thought it would be most useful as a tool to improve critical line width, but the customer saw that it would be even better for its extremely small mask overlay error. The rest is history. For a view of this system as a wafer stepper, see the GCA Mann 4800 Direct Step on Wafer System.



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Key Contributors: Burton Wheeler, who was one of the 1981 recipients of that year’s SEMI AWARD for design of this system.

Industry code:1435.40

Reproduced from an advertisement in Solid State Technology, Vol. 20 #4, April 1977, P6
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  Posted by: Brood,Ron
Posted on: 11/01/06 05:23:16 PM

I recall the model number being 3696. I used six barrell 3696 Photorepeater to make 1X Cr masks. It used the g-line of Hg for exposures. This instrument was similar to a 4800 Stepper but without the alignment hardware.
The 1st photorepeater was a David W. Mann (later GCA) model 971. This was followed by the model 980 with a single direction X-axis drive. The next models for photorepeaters were 1280, 1480, ?, and ending with the 3696. Once steppers began to go into production the need for photorepeaters dropped. The last 3696 Photorepeater I used was last seen by me at UCI in the mid 1990s.
  Posted by: Anonymous
Posted on: 09/21/09 11:01:37 AM

We have a Maximus 600 Mercury Arc Light Source System from GCA Corp. Does anyone have a sense of usefullness (and value) of this unit?

Art Goodsel