GCA Mann 4800 Direct Step on Wafer

GCA Mann 4800 Direct Step on Wafer

The Mann 4800 Direct Step on Wafer, or DSW, is the true grandfather of all modern steppers.  It was derived from an earlier David W. Mann photo-repeater used for mask making. Introduced in the early seventies by GCA, the Mann 4800 soon revolutionized wafer exposure, obsolescing not only contact and proximity aligners but projection aligners as well. It could easily reach critical dimensions of one micron, about 5 times better than projection aligners could do. While that got the industry’s attention loud and clear, it was really the enhanced overlay registration of the system that swung them over.  Perkin Elmer’s vain attempt to re-invent projection aligners led to that company’s ultimate demise. Before then however, the projection aligner was merged with the stepping aligner to become the modern-day scanning stepper.


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Key Contributors:
Burt Wheeler was the key engineer behind development of the David W. Mann photo-repeater for mask making. For that he won SEMI’s prestigious SEMI Award in 1981. Aubrey C. “Bill“ Tobey was the first to foresee that the photorepeater could be modified into a wafer stepper. He conceived it and promoted it. Griffith “Grif” Resor was the chief development engineer whose team brought it into existence. “Grif” won the SEMI Award in 1992 for that.

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