Lithography Panel 2008: Bill Arnold, ASML

Summary : Lithography Panel 2008: Bill Arnold, ASML
Annexure : Every year, VLSI Research holds a panel on semiconductor nano-lithography to review the latest trends, technology, and events in this field. This year there was a lot to talk about, with 32nm half-pitch just entering production and 22nm in development. So we brought in Nikon's Andrew Hazelton, Phil Ware from Canon, and Bill Arnold of ASML to see where there is consensus and where there is not. They discuss the status of immersion, imprint, and EUVL; which chips are pushing ahead the fastest and who's slowing down; the issues with double patterning and developments in computational lithography; as well as what happened to research into hi-index fluids, which hit the red brick wall this fall.

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