Teradyne J259 IC Test System

Teradyne J259 IC Test System

This famous test system was the first truly computer-controlled IC test system. Introduced in 1966 it sported the equally famous DEC PDP-8 miniature computer. With paper-tape reader and teletype as I/O it went for the astounding price of $58,500. It was Teradyne’s runaway best seller and competed heavily against the Fairchild 4000 and Fairchild 5000. No one really knows which company was the champion in sales. VLSI Research Inc gives Fairchild that honor from old research by its founder, but still, confirmation has never been obtained.

Quiz: Why was it named the J259 rather than the I257? For Answer move your mouse over the left picture.  



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Key Contributors: Nick DeWolf, Peter Konde, Milt Collins.

Industry code: 1333.22

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