AAI  File Type
          AAI - Series 1000 Automatic Test System: 1960s JPG
 Accelerators  File Type
          Accelerators Inc.- 400 Series Ion Implanters: 1970s JPG
 Accutest  File Type
          Accutest - 103A Watch Circuit Tester:1970s JPG
ADAR  File Type
          ADAR - Doctor, Memory Tester:1970s JPG
          ADAR - MX-17 LSI Test System:1970s JPG
 Advantest  File Type
          Advantest - 50th Anniversary: 2004s JPG
          Advantest - Excerpt from 1986 Annual Report: 1986s JPG
          Advantest - T3342 VLSI Test System: 1985-89 JPG
          Takeda Riken - Article 1982: 1982s JPG
          Takeda Riken – Excerpt from 1983 Annual Report: 1983s PDF
          Takeda Riken - Excerpt from 1985 Annual Report: 1985s JPG
 AMD  File Type
          AMD - Automated Precision Manufacturing FLASH
 AMI  File Type
          AMI - Series 2000, 2nd Op Station: 1980-84 JPG
 Anelva  File Type
          Anelva - MBE 831 Molecular Beam Epitaxy System: 1985-89 JPG
 Applied Materials  File Type
          Applied Materials - 7830Si CD-SEM: 1990s - Opal’s child. JPG
          Applied Materials - AME 8100 Batch Etcher: 1980-84 - The blockbuster that remapped the etch market. JPG
          Applied Materials - AMS 1000 Silox Reactor: 1970s JPG
          Applied Materials - AMS 2000 Silox Reactor: 1970s JPG
          Applied Materials - AMV CVD Reactors: 1960s - A hint of what would become the cluster tool. JPG
          Applied Materials - Autolign CA 3400 Mask Aligner: 1980-84 - The remnants of a failed merger.  JPG
          Applied Materials - CA-2020H Mask Aligner: 1980-84 JPG
          Applied Materials - CA-800 Mask Aligner and Exposure System: 1980-84 JPG
          Applied Materials - Endura 5500 PVD: 1985-89 - The first bullet-proof multichamber, multiprocess system. JPG
          Applied Materials - Implant 9000, Ion Implanter: 1985-1989 JPG
          Applied Materials - Nitrox AMN-710: 1960s - Improved yields by sealing oxide pin holes. JPG
          Applied Materials - P5000, Etcher: 1985-89 - Followed the 8300, but was eclipsed. JPG
          Applied Materials - PECVD_application-bulletin: 1970s JPG
          Applied Materials - Precision 5000 CVD, The blockbuster that made cluster tool a household name (at least
              in fab households: 1985-89
          Applied Materials - Precision Etch 8300: 1985-89 - The extension of the blockbuster that remapped the etch market. JPG
          Applied Materials - Precision Implant 9000: 1985-89 - Lintott’s child and another blockbuster. JPG
          Applied Materials - Series 7600 Epitaxial Reactor System: 1970s - The system that built the company. JPG
          Applied Materials - Silox Model AMS 1200: 1960s - Wafers were laid out by hand inside the chambers. JPG
          Applied Materials - Silox Model AMS 2600 & 2660: 1960s - An early tool for low temperature oxides. Used for
              reflow, these tools improved metal yields substantially.
          Applied Materials - SPCVD-4000: 1960s - An LPCVD tool from a time when Applied could do little right. The
              vacuum pump created a vibration that caused wafers to rotate in their boat. It was one of the tools Jim
              Morgan killed as he was turning the company around in the late seventies.
          Applied Materials - The Mirra CMP System: 1990s - The first CMP tool that was really ready for manufacturing. JPG
          Applied Materials - The Omega-Centura System: 1990s JPG
          Dan Maydan: The Early Days of Applied Materials Video
          Dan Maydan: Building Applied Materials into a Multi-Product Company Video
          Dan Maydan: Lessons Learned at Applied Materials Video
          Jim Morgan: Bringing Focus to AMAT Video
          Jim Morgan: Building a Global Position Video
          Jim Morgan: Keys to Success Video
 APT  File Type
          APT - 9155 E-Beam Resist Processor: 1985-89 JPG
 Aquest  File Type
          Mihir Parikh: The History of Automation in the Semiconductor Industry Video
          Mihir Parikh: Lessons Learned Video
 ASET File Type
          ASET - Model 1562 g-Line Stepper: 1985-89 - Once a leader, they died after Japan’s onslaught. JPG
 ASM Assembly Automation  File Type
          ASM Assembly Automation - PF530, 3rd Op Station: 1980-84 JPG
 ASM/Lawton  File Type
          ASM/Lawton - Encapsulation Press: 1970s - Helped make all those plastic DIP packages possible. JPG
 ASM International  File Type
          Peo Hansson: Using Math & Science and Getting Paid Good Money to See the World Video
 ASML   File Type
          ASML - PAS 2000 Wafer Stepper : 1980-84 JPG
          ASML - PAS 2500/10 Stepper: 1985-89 JPG
          ASML - PAS 2500 Series Wafer Steppers: 1985-89 JPG
          ASML - PAS 5500/400, Step & Scan System: 1990s - See the insides of the product that built ASML’s leadership. JPG
          ASML - Philips Beamwriter: 1985-89 JPG
          ASML - Twinscan, Step & Scan Aligner: 1990s JPG
          Martin van den Brink: The Rise of ASML Video
          Reflect & Imagine 20 Years of ASML PDF
 Asyst  File Type
          Asyst - SMIF System: 1990s JPG
 BTU  File Type
          BTU - Bruce Diffusion Furnaces: 1980-84 - A Real Workhorse from the Early Days. JPG
 Cambridge Instruments  File Type
          Cambridge Instruments - EBML 300: 1985-89 - Maskless Lithography from twenty years ago. JPG
 Cameca  File Type
          Cameca - 600 Series Steppers: 1980-84 JPG
          Cameca - ARW Aligner Repeater: 1980-84 JPG
          Cameca - XPWS 301 Proximity Step and Repeat System: 1980-84 - Thompson’s x-ray spin-off. JPG
 Cammax Precima  File Type
          Cammax Precima - PRS14E Photoresist Spinner: 1990s JPG
 Canon  File Type
          Canon - FPA-3000 EX4 Aligner: 1990s JPG
          Canon - FPA-5000 ES2 Aligner: 1990s - An early DUV scanner. JPG
          Canon - Model FPA141 Projection Aligner: 1980-84 - The contact aligner Japan used to make its first 64K DRAMs. JPG
          Canon - PLA 501F/FA Proximity Aligner: 1970s JPG
          Canon - Various models of Mask Aligners: 1980-84 - The only company to offer all 3 types of litho tools. JPG
 Censor  File Type
          Censor - SRA-100 Mask Aligner: 1970s - Backed by Porsche and Gordon Moore and it still went wrong. JPG
 Chuo Riken  File Type
          Chuo Riken - Resist Processing Equipment: 1980-84 JPG
 Cobilt    File Type
          Cobilt - Autofab, Inline Resist Processing System: 1970s - Note the cleanroom attire and a young Sam Harrell. JPG
          Cobilt - Model AF110 Brushless Scrubber: 1980-84 JPG
 CONVAC  File Type
          CONVAC - APTCON 3000 Modular Spin Processing Equipment: 1995s JPG
          CONVAC - Coating Equipment: 1980-84 JPG
          CONVAC - Modul 2000 series: 1990s JPG
          CONVAC - Modul 6000 series: 1990s JPG
          CONVAC - Photo Mask Processing Equipment: 1980-84 JPG
 Dage Precima  File Type
          Drytek - DRIE 100 Plasma Etcher: 1980-84 JPG
 DFMSim  File Type
          Anantha Sethuraman: Copper Interconnect – How an Unusual Source & Marketing Helped Make It Happen Video
 Drytek  File Type
          Dage Precima - IS-4, 2nd Op Station: 1980-84 JPG
 DW Industries  File Type
          DW Industries - Model 632 Vacuum Deposition System: 1960s JPG
 Eaton  File Type
          Eaton - LSI Series Wafer Processing Systems: 1980-84 JPG
          Eaton - Optimetrix 8000 Series: 1980-84 - From the West Coast’s premier, but now dead, stepper company. JPG
          Jim Bowen: Eaton’s Semiconductor Equipment Foray, a case study Video
 Edwards  File Type
          Edwards - Thin Film Deposition System: 1980-84 JPG
 Electroglas  File Type
          Electroglas - Model 131B wafer prober, pathfinder to fully automated wafer processing: 1960s JPG
          Electroglas - Model 3001 Wafer Prober System: 1990s JPG
 Electromask  File Type
          Electromask - 700SLR Stepper: 1970s  - Arguably the best stepper of its day, based on resale values. JPG
 Electronic Visions  File Type
          Electronic Visions - EV150 Resist Processing System: 1990s JPG
 ESEC Group  File Type
          ESEC Group Products: 1990s JPG
 Fairchild  File Type
          Fairchild Instrumentation - Model 4000M IC Test System: 1960s - Workhorse of the infant industry. JPG
          Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation - Fairchild Silicon Transistors: Pre-History JPG
          Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation - First Monolithic Silicon IC Chip: Pre-History  JPG
          Fairchild Systems Technology - Sentry 400: 1970s - Possibly the 1st high speed, high pin count, LSI Test System. JPG
          Jim Bowen: The Turn Around at Fairchild Test Systems Group Video
          Jim Bowen: Building Fairchild Test Systems Group into a Global Giant Video
          Jim Bowen: Lessons Learned at Fairchild Test Systems Group Video
 FSI  File Type
          FSI - 8251 Clean Machine: 1980-84 JPG
          FSI - Polaris, Coating System: 1990s JPG
 Fusion  File Type
          Fusion - 200 PCU Photostabilizer: 1990s JPG
          Fusion - Dual Chamber Photostabilizer: 1990s JPG
          Fusion - MICROLITE Series 150: 1985-89 JPG
          Fusion - UV Gemini Photostabilizer: 1990s JPG
 Gasonics  File Type
          Gasonics - HiPOX System: 1970s - Possibly the only successful high pressure system. JPG
 GCA  File Type
          Aubrey (Bill) Tobey: History of the Stepper Video
          Aubrey (Bill) Tobey: The Bob Graham Award   was honored for conceptualizing the wafer stepper in the late 
             1970s, a great feat of product marketing.
          GCA - 8500 Series Ion Implanter: 1970s JPG
          GCA - Mann 4800 Direct Step on Wafer System: 1970s - It broke the 1 micron CD barrier. JPG
          GCA - Model 8000 DSW Wafer Stepper: 1980-84 - The beginning of the end for GCA. JPG
          GCA - The Mann 3600 Photo Repeater: 1970s JPG
          GCA - Wafertrac® Resist Processing System: 1970s - Remember air track? It was all the rage in the days
              when technocool won out over particle counts. Ask anyone who ever sold one, these were one of the worst
              tools ever sold. Yet they sold them by the boat load – ask anyone who sold against them.
          GCA XLS - Advanced Microlithography System, The last of a grand line: 1990s - The failure that was
              supposed to save the U.S. lithography infrastructure. It was simply a case of too little, too late.
 Genus File Type
          Genus - 1510 MeV Ion Implanter: 1985-89 JPG
          Genus - 8720 Tungsten CVD System: 1985-89 - The cutting edge of tungsten deposition in the late eighties. JPG
 GS Blue M Electric  File Type
          GS Blue M Electric: 1990s JPG
 Hampshire  File Type
          Hampshire - Series 3500 X-Ray Lithography System: 1990s JPG
 Headway Research  File Type
          Headway Research - LS22 Spinners: 1990s JPG
          Headway Research - R & D Spin Coater: 1990s JPG
 High Voltage Engineering  File Type
          High Voltage Engineering - Megavolt Ion Implantation Systems: 1980-84 JPG
 Hitachi  File Type
          Hitachi - HL-700, E-beam Lithography System: 1990s - Rare captively made e-beam system that would
              break out into the commercial world.
          Hitachi - RA-101HL & RA501HL Wafer Stepper: 1980-84 - Rare captively made stepper with a Minolta Lens. JPG
 Hugle Industries  File Type
          Coming soon...  
 IBM  File Type
          Gary Patton: What Math & Science Have Done for Me Video
          Lisa Su: What Math & Science Have Done for Me Video
 IMS  File Type
          IMS - Ion Beam Exposure Tool: 1985-89 JPG
 Integrated Technologies  File Type
          Integrated Technologies - P 3201 Coater: 1980-84 - Another of the many early companies that failed. JPG
 Intel  File Type
          Andy Grove: The Development of R & D and Manufacturing Strategy at Intel Video
          Andy Grove: The Evolution of Semiconductor Manufacturing Video
          Craig Barrett: Math, Science, & Your Future Video
          Craig Barrett: How Intel Rebuilt Manufacturing in the mid-80’s Video
          Craig Barrett: American Competitiveness Video
          Intel 4004: 1970 - The World's First Microprocessor JPG
          Intel - 8008 CPU: 1970 JPG
          Intel - Environmental Health and Safety: 1994 JPG
          Mark Bohr: What Math & Science Have Done for Me Video
          Sean Maloney: Dynamic Duo Video
          Sunlin Chou: Intel's R&D Pipeline Video
          The Cook's Tour: An Intel Cleanroom Circa 1980 Video
          The Cook's Tour: Intel Fab 17 Circa 2000 Video
          The Cook's Tour: Intel Fab 11X Circa 2004 Video
          Yan Borodovsky: Breaking the Limits, Solving the Unsolvable Video
 Irie Seisakusho  File Type
          Irie Seisakusho - Spin Drier: 1980-84 JPG
 JEOL  File Type
          JEOL - JBX-6A Electron Beam Exposure System: 1980-84 - A 6th gen maskless litho tool from the early 80’s. JPG
 JSR  File Type
          JSR - Plasmaster-Si, Silylation System: 1985-89 JPG
 Karl Suss  File Type
          Karl Suss - ACS200 Lithography Cluster: 1990s JPG
          Karl Suss - LSX10 X-Ray Exposure Source: 1985-89 JPG
          Karl Suss - RC8-RC33 Spin Coaters: 1990s JPG
 Kasper  File Type
          Kasper - Uniplane System 4000 High Pressure Scrubber: 1970s JPG
 KLA-Tencor - Partner  File Type
          KLA-Tencor - KLA ADD/100 Series: 1980 PDF
          Technology, Circa 1981 – KLA Conquers the Pellicle: 1981 JPG
          Technology, Circa 1981 – KLA Lays out the Future of Yield Management: 1981 JPG
          KLA-Tencor - KLA 2020: 1984 JPG
          Technology, Circa 1991 – KLA Conquers Phase Shift: 1991 PDF
          Tencor at 20 Years PDF
 Kokusai  File Type
          Coming soon...  
 Kulicke & Soffa     File Type
          KULICKE  & SOFFA - 50th Anniversary Video
          Kulicke & Soffa - Model 1471 Wedge Bonder: 1985-89 JPG
          Kulicke & Soffa - Wire Bonding Advancements Circa 2006 Video
 Lam Research - Contributing Sponsor File Type
          Lam Research: the Early Years JPG
          Lam Research - Auto Etch 590 Oxide Etcher: 1985-89 JPG
          Lam Research - Excerpt from 1984 Annual Report JPG
          Lam Research - Excerpt from 1999 Annual Report JPG
 LASA Industries  File Type
          LASA Industries - Prototype, The very first factory-in-a-box chip dispensing system: 1985-89 JPG
 Lasarray  File Type
          Lasarray - DWL 2.0, Laser Stepper: 1990s - A failed attempt at maskless lithography. JPG
 Leica  File Type
          Leica - VB 5/6 and ZBA 31H/32 E-Beam tools: 1990s - The child of the legendary Cambridge maskless systems. JPG
 Leybold  File Type
          Leybold - Heraus-4 inch CZ crystal grower: 1980-84 JPG
          Leybold - Heraus-Vertical In-Line Sputtering System: 1980-84 - An early disk coating system. JPG
 LFE   File Type
          LFE Corporation - 501 Chrome Etch System: 1970s - Not the first such system, but near the first. JPG
 Lintott   File Type
          Lintott - Early Ion Implanter: 1970s - One of the first commercial high current ion implanters. JPG
 Macrodata  File Type
          Macrodata - MD100 Test System: 1970s JPG
 Microair  File Type
          Microair - laminar flow clean bench: 1980-84 JPG
 Micronix  File Type
          Micronix - MX-15 X-Ray Lithography System: 1980-84 - The first commercial American X-ray lithography system. JPG
 MRC  File Type
          MRC - Series 900 In-Line Sputtering System: 1970s JPG
 MTI  File Type
          MTI - Model 6300 Scrubber: 1970s JPG
          MTI - MultiFab System Overview: 1985-89 JPG
          MTI - Omnichuck: 1980-84 JPG
 Mühlbauer  File Type
          Mühlbauer - VideoSem, Die Bond Inspection Station: 1990s JPG
 Nikon  File Type
          Nikon - 25 Years of Innovation JPG
          Nikon - NSR-1505G2A stepper: 1980-84 JPG
          Nikon - NSR 1755EX8A Step-and-Repeat System: 1990s - An early excimer laser stepper for 0.45 micron. JPG
          Nikon - NSR 2005 i10C/i9C i-line Stepper: 1990s JPG
          Nikon - NSR-2205i11D Step-and-Repeat System: 1990s - The state-of-the-art workhorse for 0.35 micron. JPG
          Nikon - NSR Series Steppers: 1980-84 - The series that launched a thousand careers. The NSR series would
              become the chip maker’s model of reliability, forcing all equipment manufacturers to build reliable tools.
 Nippon Seiko  File Type
          Nippon Seiko - TZ-310 Exposure System: 1985-89 JPG
 Novellus  File Type
          Novellus - Copper: 1998 - This ignited the Copper Revolution Video
          Novellus - Concept One CVD Dielectric Deposition System: 1958-89 JPG
          Silicon Valley Alternatve Energy Summit Video
 Optical Associates  File Type
          Optical Associates - DUV 40KX Ultracure System: 1985-89 JPG
 Pacific Western  File Type
          Pacific Western - Model 560 ‘COYOTE’ PECVD System: 1980-84 JPG
          Pacific Western - The Probe II Wafer Prober by Pacific Western Systems: 1960s - The First Intelligent Wafer Probe System. JPG
 Perkin-Elmer   (Acquired by Silicon Valley Group) File Type
          Dave Markle: Ultratech/Perkin Elmer - Math, Science & Creativity Video
          Dave Markle: Ultratech/Perkin Elmer - The Development of the Projection Aligner Video
          Perkin-Elmer: Coming Soon - Industry's first true Step-and-Scan series.  
          Perkin-Elmer - MEBES Pattern Verifier System: 1980-84 - It only took 196M Bytes of disk storage for masks
              in 1983, but hasn’t changed is the 24 hours takes to write an advanced one.
          Perkin-Elmer - Micralign 600: 1985-89 - A pinnacle technically, it was also the end of the road for projection aligners. JPG
          Perkin Elmer - Micralign Projection Mask Alignment System: 1970s - The Intel secret weapon that turned the 
              industry upside-down and revolutionized lithography. 
          Perkin Elmer - Photo Gallery JPG
 RVSI  File Type
          RVSI - WS-1000 Bumped Wafer Inspection System: 1990s JPG
 Screen  File Type
          Screen - The P210 Wet Processing System: 1980-84 JPG
 Sematech  File Type
          Dave Anderson: SEMATECH - An Oral History Video
          Mike Polcari: What Math & Science Can Do for You Video
 Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)  File Type
          Moore's Law: 40 Years and Counting PDF
          Semiconductor Industry Association - New Semiconductor Group Formed; No WEMA Pullout: 1970 PDF
          Wilf Corrigan: How the SIA Got Started and What it Accomplished Video
          Wilf Corrigan: The Development of the ASIC Industry Video
          Wilf Corrigan: Lessons He Learned and Why Fundamentals are Important Video
 Semiconductor Research Corporation  File Type
          The History and Accomplishments Video
 Semiconductor Systems  File Type
          Semiconductor System - 150 Lithography Processing: 1990s JPG
          Semiconductor Systems - 8050 Lithography System: 1980-84 JPG
          Semiconductor Systems - System 200 Coating Equipment: 1985-89 JPG
 Semitool  File Type
          Semitool - Developer/Stripper: 1986s - Rinser dryer: they sold boatloads of these. JPG
 SET  File Type
          SET - MA 750 Mask Aligner: 1990s - A common example of how low barriers to entry were. JPG
          SET - TP6050 GYRSET Spinner: 1990s JPG
          SET - TP6000 Spinner: 1990s JPG
 Setek  File Type
          Setek - MS-610 Series Resist Processing: 1985-89 JPG
 Shinkawa  File Type
          Shinkawa - SWB-FA-UTC-40 Wire Bonder: 1985-89 JPG
 Silicon Valley Group   (Acquired by ASML) File Type
          Silicon Valley Group - 90 Series Resist Processing: 1990s JPG
          Silicon Valley Group - Micrascan II: 1990s - Significant improvement in manufacturing worthiness for the first
              Step-and-Scan series.
          Silicon Valley Group - Micrascan III+ Step-and-Scan: 1990s JPG
          Silicon Valley Group - Model 8800 ATS Track (Arm Transport System): 1988s JPG
          Silicon Valley Group - ProCell Track System: 1990s - Innovation, stillborn. JPG
 Solitec  File Type
          Solitec - 1111-TD Constant Temperature Developer: 1985-89 JPG
          Solitec - 800 Series Automated Track System: 1985-89 JPG
 Sumitomo Heavy Industries  File Type
          Sumitomo Heavy Industries - Aurora X-ray SR Ring: 1990s - A precursor to the excimer laser. But it was
              solely for X-ray wavelengths. It was an essential part of the infrastructure developed for a Next Generation
              Lithography technology that never materialized for other reasons. Like a ghost town, it is a relic of hard work
              and lost hopes and dreams.
 Takeda Riken   (Renamed to Advantest) File Type
          Advantest - 50th Anniversary: 2004s         JPG
          Advantest - Excerpt from 1986 Annual Report: 1986s JPG
          Advantest - T3342 VLSI Test System: 1985-89         JPG
          Takeda Riken - Article 1982: 1982s JPG
          Takeda Riken – Excerpt from 1983 Annual Report: 1983s PDF
          Takeda Riken - Excerpt from 1985 Annual Report: 1985s JPG
 Tazmo  File Type
          Tazmo - Spin Coater TR6000 and TR5000 Series: 1980-84 JPG
 Technics  File Type
          Technics - PE II-A Planar Etcher: 1980-84 JPG
 Tegal  File Type
          Tegal - Plasma Inline 700 Single Wafer Etcher: 1980-84 - What the cutting edge of etching looked like in 1980s JPG
 TEL  File Type
          TEL - 40th Anniversary: 2003s Video
          TEL - Clean Track Mark II: 1990s JPG
          TEL - Line Card: 1980-84 JPG
          TEL - Model TMC 4400-A Wafer Prober JPG
 Tempress  File Type
          Tempress - DDC Diffusion furnace: 1980-84 - Wow! Microprocessor control and thickness uniformities of +/- 5%. JPG
          Tempress - Model 216 Pyrox Reactor: 1970s JPG
 Teradyne    File Type
          Alex d'Arbeloff: Teradyne's Early Days Video
          Alex d'Arbeloff: Building a Giant Video
          Alex d'Arbeloff: Lessons Learned Video
          Nicholas DeWolf: The Father of ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) HTML
          Teradyne - J259 - The first true, computer controlled, IC Test System: 1960s JPG
          Teradyne - J973 VLSI Test System: 1990s JPG
 Thermco  File Type
          Thermco - Diffusion Furnace: 1960s JPG
 Toshiba  File Type
          Toshiba - Magnetically Levitated Interbay Carrier System JPG
          Toshiba - Space Linear Magnetically Levitated Carrier System: 1985-89 - Mag-lev automation system – Cool
              technology that never went anywhere.
 Transistor Automation  File Type
          Transistor Automation - Model XY540, Automatic Wafer Probing Machine: 1960s JPG
 TRE  File Type
          TRE - 800SLR Wafer Stepper: 1980-84 - productivity benchmark from the mid-80’s at 55 4” wafers per hour.
              Today’s benchmark is 3X that in wafers per hour, 15x in square inches per hour, and 13757x in pixels per
              hour and costs 31x in inflated dollars making for a 440x gain in pixels-per-dollar or a gain of almost a
              thousand times (814x) when inflation is accounted for.
 Tylan  File Type
          Tylan - Baking System: 1985-89 JPG
 Ultratech (Formerly Ultratech Stepper)  File Type
          Dave Markle: Ultratech/Perkin Elmer - Math, Science & Creativity Video
          Dave Markle: Ultratech/Perkin Elmer - The Development of the Projection Aligner Video
          Ultratech - Model 504 Resist Develop/Rinse System: 1980-84 JPG
          Ultratech - Pellicle Equipment and Accessories: 1980-84 - We’ve come a long way.   JPG
          Ultratech - Positive Photoresist Develop Station Model 503: 1985-89 JPG
          Ultratech - Positive Resist Develop/Rinse Station Model 504: 1985-89 JPG
          Ultratech Stepper - Model 900 H/G Line stepper: 1980-84 JPG
          Ultratech Stepper - Saturn Stepper: 1990s JPG
 Ultratech Corporation (Predecessor to Ultratech Stepper)  File Type
          Coming soon...  
 Varian  File Type
          Varian - 3280 Cassette-to-Cassette Sputtering System: 1980-84 JPG
          Varian - The MBE GEN II  - Molecular Beam Epitaxy 1980-84 JPG
          Varian - Vacuum/Coater: 1970s JPG
          Varian - VLS 1000 Electron Beam Lithography: 1980-84 JPG
 Veeco  File Type
          Veeco - ai Model 2100 Ion Implanter: 1970s JPG
          Veeco - Flexible Automated Wafer Fab System: 1985-89 - One of the best early attempts at automation. JPG
          Veeco - Mix & Match Photoresist Processing: 1980-84 JPG
          Veeco - Trackline 600 JPG
 Verigy  File Type
          Debbora Ahlgren: What Math & Science Have Done for Me   Video
          Verigy - (HP) 93000: 1990s JPG
 Verteq  File Type
          Verteq - Ultraclean High Purity Megasonic System: 1990s JPG
 Westech  File Type
          Westech - Model 372 Wafer Polisher: 1985-89 - They had the world on a string and were sitting on a rainbow,
              but had no idea of what a customer was. The industry’s most significant marketing failure of the nineties.
 X-TEK  File Type
          X-TEK - HMX Xray Inspection System: 1990s JPG